Stairlift Removals from £120


If you have a stairlift that you no longer need, our fully qualified engineers can safely remove and dispose of your stairlift for a fee of:

£120 to remove/dispose a straight stairlift
£160 to remove/dispose a curved stairlift

We may be interested in buying back your stairlift, providing it’s in good condition, and is less than 4 years old & purchased as brand new. The buy back fees offered can vary.

The stairlift brands we are mostly interested in are;

  • Handicare
  • Acorn
  • HomeGlides
  • Flow X

Temporary Stairlift Removal with Refit from £240


There may be an occasion where you require the stairlift to be removed temporarily, perhaps to have the carpets replaced, or do some decorating or perhaps your moving home & would like to take your stairlift with you?

We are happy to remove the stairlift for you in advance of any works and we’ll put it back to its original position once the work is complete. This can sometimes be all within the same day, or we can return at a later date if needed.

Prices for this service start from £240 but can vary so please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss further on 0115 961 3855.

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