Prices for Reconditioned Stairlifts starts from as low as £990

including full installation and 12 months warranty.


We have a range of stairlifts at our warehouse that are fully reconditioned which can provide a solution to customers who may be on a budget.
We offer a large range of fully reconditioned and refurbished second hand stairlifts for those looking for good quality and excellent value for money. We only use up-to-date main brand second-hand stairlifts that can usually be installed within 24 hours.

Our reconditioned stairlifts are designed to fit on narrow staircases, whether they are straight or curved. These stairlifts attach directly to your staircase and not your wall, they can be fitted to the left or right hand side of your staircase. The stairlifts are installed quickly and efficiently, with
minimum disruption and blends into your home seamlessly.

We have a large stock of reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts ready and available for fitting to suit your individual requirements. Contact us at any time on 0115 961 3855 or fill in our online contact form and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can!

Our straight budget reconditioned stairlifts

start from £575 including installation and 6 months warranty


Our budget stairlifts are our older reconditioned models that are 7+ years old. It’s difficult to accurately predict how long a stairlift will last because there are a lot of contributing factors to consider. However as general observation manufacturers, we usually suggest an average lifespan is around 10 years. Although we have known some model’s we stock to have gone on to last 15 to 20 years!

The difference between our “reconditioned stairlifts” and our “budget reconditioned stairlifts”

  • The warranty – (our reconditioned stairlifts come with 12 months warranty, whereas our budget reconditioned stairlifts come with 6 months warranty)
  • Our budget reconditioned stairlifts are older – 7+ years old.
  • May come with wear and tear to the chair/track/remotes.

We only use up-to-date main brand second-hand stairlifts that can usually be installed within 24 hours. Please speak to our friendly team for more information regarding our budget reconditioned stairlifts on 0115 961 3855.


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